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24/7 Access to “Conscious Acts of Change” Podcast and Blog.  Giving continual insight on thought-provoking, inspirational & introspective works designed to help strengthen your personal growth & development.





How are you perceiving time. Examine where growth leaks exist. Improve planning & management of time. Take responsibility for what you allow in your life.  
Introduction to Unlocking Your Undiscovered Self. Learn the difference between the state of separation, the realization state, and the enlightened state.
Assessing the Self. Introductory review of the life you created. Your classic recordings.
Examination of emotional & behavioral entanglements. Taking a deeper look at how they entered your life. 
Restorative Healing: Create space to support integrative healing modalities for the spirit, mind, and body. 
Delving deeper into “Entanglements Within the Mind.” Identify areas of pain, gain insight & organize the intentions of your thoughts.  
Building the Formation of Your New Kingdom. Create the framework for the life you truly want.  
Advanced Enlightenment. Discovering higher realms of spirituality, the seals of science and oneness.  
Access to Nirvana Blog & Newsletter Literature  
Online Courses for Nomadic Seekers Members: Introductory works & programs activities        
Online Courses for Progressive Explorer Members: Transform Your Life by Making Progress and other identified resource programs checked in specific categories.  
Online Courses for Enlightened State Members: Building the Formation of a New Kingdom, Master Classes, includes all other resource programs.  
Progressive Awakening Retreat Packages w/20% discount (Annual) – The Myself Expo Coming in 2023 


“An Institution of Empirical Understanding in Scientific and Spiritual Truth Principles.”
“Follow the Path from Within”


New Year Introductory Workshop – “Making Progress”            $249.00
Making Progress in the New Millennium                                       $1,500.00
Lifestyle By Design                                                                             $2,550.00

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