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The FOUNDER’s Story

Nirvana Lifestyle Network is a dream whose time has come! My Nirvana program was birthed out of a 40-year dream and journey under the name of Nirvana Retreats, Inc. Nirvana Retreats was created to provide programs designed to “Teach People How to Heal Themselves from Within” through get-a-way developmental retreats. The focus of teaching people how to heal themselves evolved and began to take a deeper focus around teaching and thinking elements designed to help individuals see new perspectives about themselves. 

Nirvana Institute of Awareness became the educational component providing an exchange of ideas, philosophies, research, and methodologies leading towards a wealth of information, in practical resources, and tools designed to help one recover from those hidden pains of the past found deep within.

When Yahweh sequestered my life to change my own lifestyle and to seriously follow Him, He revealed to me proficiencies I learned throughout my career journey that would serve as assets for setting new frameworks around how people can restructure, reset, and build new foundations for their lives. 

These proficiencies included my work in the areas of human capital and economic development, urban planning, and project management. 

Before I became what I coined myself as a Spiritual Architect, Metaphysician, Truth Seeker, Author, and a true practitioner of my own teachings, philosophies, and concepts, I had to experience the front end of my spiritual walk before I could see benefits of Yahweh’s promise.

My spiritual journey began with a series of earthly tests I had to complete for a course of 10 years. In the beginning I faced several life-threatening experiences causing me to give up hope and even the desire to commit suicide. I will never forget the experience of hearing the voice of Yahweh God one morning telling me to quit my job and follow Him. It took me a minute to grasp what was being said to me. I had to go further into my faith to discern if this was Yahweh God or my ego talking to me. I began a prayer campaign every morning at 3:00 a.m. until 5:00 a.m. to clear my mind, thoughts, to receive more downloads from God to know it was He who was talking and not my own ego. This lasted about three to four months and then I finally took the leap. My faith was so strong I did whatever Yahweh wanted from me. I was determined to show him how committed I was to His Splendor. I no longer wanted to live a superficial life, I wanted to know how to live the mission for my life. The deeper the unfoldment of my committed faith to Yahweh, the closer my journey experienced afflictions. They came in the form of eviction, uterine cancer, lupus, homelessness, divorce, and double pneumonia twice. I had to send my son to his father for his loving care. There were other life challenges I also experienced preparing me for my sacred journey, doorways, and gateways I had to enter.

These traumas were extremely devastating but necessary for my spiritual growth, and to prove my love, commitment, and obedience to Yahweh for what He was preparing me to do.

After my spiritual cleansing process, I was then taken on a spiritual quest where I meet people and began to learn and study various spiritual concepts and practices that deepen my knowledge and awareness of who I AM and how I am to use my life to complete my spiritual mission for Yahweh. I learned so many things, I was a young baby trying to find my place in the world. I learned about the vastness of God and His universe, new philosophies, perspectives, therapies, and techniques, to prepare our mind and bodies for such spiritual understanding and growth. Learning how to support a process for healing and developing ourselves spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Out of my 10-year journey of discovering myself, I discovered the birthing of my first company Nirvana Retreats, Inc, and later Nirvana Institute of Awareness. Trusting these unfamiliar, unconventional, and unknown processes and pathways helped me to face the deepest reasons for understanding pain, sickness, and death (separation) I caused and created for life. We can heal our lives, but we must be willing to do the work on ourselves for ourselves.  After all, “We created every experience within our lives.” We must utilize the spiritual, scientific, and practical resources, and techniques to bring our life into alignment with our Divine Source… Elohim, the One who Created us. We must be willing to fulfill His Will and our Reason for Being here on earth. Just think about it…Can You Reimage the Possibilities for the Fulfillment of Your Life. Can you imagine designing the kingdom lifestyle you want? Can you image taking possession of your kingdom building it for Yahweh this time? “Not My Will, But Thy Will Be Done!

I have spent many years teaching people how to heal their lives. After 40+ years the next level up is to ELEVATE His Mission. Lifestyles by Design is about us going back to self-correct, restructure, and transform the life we created towards its next levels of existence. We are to evolve and ascend the formation of our kingdom towards Him and enjoy what has been set forth within His kingdom, the garden, and His tree of Life. But there is a process we all must journey to get there.

After I learned the sacredness of my journey, Yahweh instructed me to “Share it with others.” I now share with you the spiritual renaissance that changed my life and helped me to ‘Follow the Path from Within’.

Matthew 4:19 “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

1 Kings 3:7 “Now, Lord my God, you have made your servant king in place of my father David. But I am only a little child and do not know how to carry out my duties.”

Dionne Q. Blackwell aka Mpress Q

“An Institution of Empirical Understanding in Scientific and Spiritual Truth Principles.”

Elevate Your World

Nirvana Lifestyle Network programs improve and help individuals transform the quality of their overall well-being. All courses are segmented into six categories: Spirituality & Wellbeing, Health & Wellness, Entrepreneurship, Finance & Investments, Family & Human Development, Environmental/Community. As you explore who you might be, you will uncover within each area of your life what you designed as part of your operating system.

Each course offers teachings, techniques, and treatments, designed to “Teach You How to Heal your life from Within.” Our programs will help you move from being well to creating a foundation of improving your overall well-being.

Our Nirvana Retreats are annual healing retreats designed to incorporate the healing modalities to help cleanse and release the hidden discoveries about self. Our retreats are always at beautiful and luxurious resource facilities where you can experience personal sacred moments of time, healthy nutrition, natural healing therapies & techniques, mental & emotional wellness cleansing, meditation, yoga, and other socialization concerns. Our progressive awakening retreats will leave you with enriched values, improved behavioral patterns, and lifestyle transformation.

You will attain more knowledge, ideas, guidance, resources, services, and practical tools needed for both growth and change