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“Excerpts from “Making Progress in the New Millennium by Following the Path from Within”

Sacred Sundays is a self-improvement book to help thousands of women who are care takers and nurturers of other people within their lives, whom they must care for. As women, we often give the entire essence of our being, to others, not honoring our own self-worth nor understanding how to balance the life we have created for ourselves of been given.


Sacred Sundays was written to help the powerful and powerless super women living on the edge of burnout and breakdown, to help them find ways to press pause and take time out of their busy schedules to care for themselves. We must restore and rejuvenate that which we have given away within our mind and bodies and seek our own inner need for spiritual transformation through sacred intimacy. Isn’t it time for you to care for yourself the way you care for others?


We can no longer pretend to live a divine life within our divine temples. Divas and super-woman must dethrone to give themselves permission to remove the spiritual amnesia, resistances, procrastinations, and fears blocking who they truly are. We are spiritual and divine beings living within earthly chemical garments. Give yourself access to a premier experience; Go where no one else has gone before…within you.

Real Turning Takes Time!


My Conscious Acts of Change eBook

In every life there is a need for spiritual transformation. This story depicts the lifestyle of a professional woman whose focus was career climbing, enjoying the material things in life but felt empty on the inside of her life. After experiencing some emotional anxiety, she decides to take a long walk in the park to have self-talk and with God. As she walked in the park, she deeply looked at her year-end outcomes and didn’t like the results revealed to her. Through deep self-examination, her anxiety increased. 

Her self-introspection revealed to her how she had been chasing the material things of the world, becoming attached as they defined her

being. She wanted to know “How do I eliminate the distractions, disruptions, and anxieties causing my inner pain? It is time for me to restore & atone my life.”

We all must find that place from within here we go to draw our spiritual knowledge and insight so we can grow. Where true fulfillment resides… within.

So, God begins to speak and give her revelations about His observation of her life. His spoken words turn her life totally upside down. His profound knowledge and direction given to her caused her to make changes once she understood what the reason for her life, here on earth.

It is an intriguing story about change, transformation, and the need to let go. We cannot transcend or ascend within our lives if we remain attached to things of the world.

Nirvana’s Sacred Sundays Delight Cookbook - eBook

It’s All About Health! Eat to Live!

Food is a profound doorway into spiritual growth, because how you experience food is how you experience life.

Our ancestors consider “food” to be a “sacred” offering to the temple, the perfectly designed house that is the human body. They appreciated food, as it was a gift offered up by Mother Nature to be assimilated and used to build the temple out of the most pure and sacred substance on Earth, the earth itself.

Food is vital for sustaining life. Without proper nourishment, the human body becomes weak and cannot function properly. People must take care of their bodies through eating right and consuming key nutrients, so they not only live but thrive in healthiness. The same principle applies to one’s spiritual life.

This is not an ordinary cookbook. The illustrations give the origins of many fruits and vegetables we enjoy along with nutritional value, recipes with a few of my most special dishes.


The Lily Pad Effect

The Lily Pad Effect is a spiritual transformation book for individuals who realize their dreams and goals are suddenly being disrupted, redirected, or halted. Why… because the Creator sequestered their soul through a clarion call to change.

The Lily Pad Effect is an era within one’s life where they notice an inner battle is brewing from deep within. Something seems off, out of balance, not centered. Every idea, dream, or goal and its pursuit is unable to be funded until a willingness to surrender and commit to a spiritual rite of passage.

The time has come for change. The old wine skin of the world is archaic and can no longer direct you towards your new life. The universe’s call requires a deep leap into the abyss, the void of one’s inner self, without any preconceived intentions. For found within God’s universal systems, are the sustainability’s of stillness, patience, and humility… that is what’s being called for now. External forces are unable to transport harmony, balance or enhancement needed for one’s new life. 

JoJo… your soul is calling you. During Covid-19, the world faced fear, anxiety and uncertainty. Through introspection we had to realize and connect to our own uniqueness and knowingness of who we truly are. Now that the pandemic is over, our course of action must change, our tendency to self-govern must end.

A new trajectory awaits, and the prerequisite is preparation.  Soul journeys are always blind faith experiences. It is a leap one takes alone to find inner truth. It is a path of surrender and sacrifice. It is a turning point for the soul to return to its enlightened state of being, relinquishing all need for emotional, material, and intellectual dependency.

It is time for self-examination to see what lies beneath the life you created.

‘Following the Path from Within!’