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Nirvana Lifestyle Network is a personal and spiritual development company offering transformation programs designed to “Teach People How to Heal Themselves.”

Nirvana Lifestyle programs provides an exchange of ideas, philosophies, research, and methodologies presenting a wealth of information in practical resources, and tools designed to help one recover from those hidden pains of the past found deep within. Our teaching methodologies utilizes and blends spiritual, organizational, and human capital development concepts together. By structurally learning how to see the life we created, we can improve our spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. By learning how to change old emotional patterns of behavior, old beliefs systems, and poor choices from the past, we create new space for both growth and change.

Today’s environment has left many people living under destructive lifestyle models that were created through a variety of venues e.g., social media, broken relationships, uncertainty, and a sense of loss. Then there are other world conditionings that have left others’ feelings anxiety, stress, inner conflict, and fear. These are the emotional entanglements and fragmentations better known as “brokenness.”

Nirvana Lifestyle Network is designed to revolutionize the way people see themselves, by teaching others how to review, reset and restructure the life already created and how to move towards the life you truly want.

Our mission is to serve as a social architect for individuals who seek new perspectives for improvement in their life. You will take a limitless journey towards gaining a new perspective about who you have become. Come Face-to-Face with your fears, insecurities, feelings of attachments, lack of confidence, repetitive patterns of behaviors, causing disruption and disturbance within various aspects of your being. You will also discover key players who contributed to significant influences, your thoughts, decisions, and experiences. You will review who you are, who you have become, the type of life you truly want to create for yourself! Take Possession of Your Kingdom!

Program Tools

Your Classic Recordings…

It is not possible to transform or ascend without first “Self-Reflecting” oneself. You will take a closer look at the life you currently created, reviewing previous decisions made; why you have the life you live (created), where your gaps, frailties and fragmentations exist, what you need to do to improve and reshape the style of life you truly want.

Integrating Spiritual Principles, Laws & Holistic Techniques…

The secret to reaching and maintaining a ‘wholeness’ state of mind is to learn how to live life from ‘within’. As you move forward and position self to improve your way of life, you must review where they are within your belief system. You must move away from emotional triggers and towards your overall well-being.

The Transformation Process…

To transform one’s character, behaviors, or patterns, you must recognize those areas of your life in need of transformation. Do you think you need to change or transform some part or all your life? Come and take an even closer look. Uncover hidden barriers, gaps, entanglements, or strongholds deep within your being?  Change can only occur when are able to identify where slow growth and lack of progress is showing up in your life.

A Spiritual Renaissance…

Growth requires birthing pains. It is the process needed to create a resurgence and reawakening during the rebirthing of one’s new selves. A new age of uncertainty and the unknown will be upon you, causing birthing pains as you enter the ebb and flow for both change, growth, and expansion. Your spiritual renaissance will help you surge towards ascension and oneness and the spiritual liberation you seek for your new life.


NLN “Making Progress in the New Millennium” program activities are designed to help individuals look at the current lifestyle they created or designed for themselves. Through our structural frameworks and filters, individuals will learn how to see new perspectives about themselves, identify where fragmentation, repetitive patterns of behavior exist, and how obstacles, and old habits and belief systems causes disruption, disturbance, and separation within one’s growth process. 

Nirvana’s “Lifestyles by Design” program is an advanced course to construct the Formation for a Kingdom Portfolio. Making Progress in the New Millennium is a prerequisite for this course. Upon reviewing your previous lifestyle profile and what was learned within your human binary, you begin the process of reviewing those tools, resources, philosophies, and new perspectives necessary for restructuring the foundation of your Kingdom.

Our tools give new insight for creating change and the opportunities associated with constructing the life you truly wish to live. We simply guide you through our frameworks.

Nirvana Lifestyle “Master Class” are continual courses designed to delve deeper into the spiritual exploration of oneself. These richly and enlightened mastered progressions will help direct individuals towards framing a new lifestyle design. Opening new pathways for revelations, contemplations, and rediscoveries moves you towards spiritual growth, ascension, and becoming your highest self.

Master Classes are group programs so everyone can share, exchange, and support one another’s progress. 

“An Institution of Empirical Understanding in Scientific and Spiritual Truth Principles.”

“Follow the Path from Within”

Take Possession of Your Kingdom!